Kevin Lewis

Executive Producer

A native Angeleno… Kevin got chomped by the entertainment bug early. From pre-production to post-production, Kevin has supervised budgets, negotiations, scheduling, securing talent, and whatever else is needed to bring a project to life. He is a deadline-driven, quick-study who works best under pressure and prizes the art and science of effective collaboration. Kevin was an integral part of the team that brought the show Storage Hunters to air, which enjoyed 88 episodes on TruTV. Kevin also teamed with Grammy award-winning documentary director Doug Pray and art impresario Roger Gastman to produce Infamy, his first feature-length film which debuted at film festivals in 35 cities around the world before airing on Showtime and The Movie Channel. As a Producer for Farmer Brown he has supervised 200+ projects, collaborating with numerous television networks, production companies, and creative agencies. He also coaches his daughter’s 9-year old soccer team and produced a massive 175 foot mural project at one of LA’s busiest intersections.