Juan Granja

Principal/Creative Director

Juan started his creative career in Madrid, where he worked in product management for several Top designer labels before moving to London where he turned his focus to Interior Design and Art Direction and for theater. Eventually his theater pursuits led him to LA, where he got his first job in digital design. He landed a job at TSI where he explored 3D animation software and tools while working on game development for the property Westworld (unreleased). He joined Blur Studios in the late ‘90s where, during a five- year stint before joining up with Tim to form Farmer Brown. His 3D design skills span the entire spectrum of motion design - from games, to 3D ride films, to more traditional media like TV, film, branded content, and commercials. Basically - Juan can do it all. He lives in Venice with his wife and teenage son, where he raises his own tomatoes and cooks paella on Sundays.